iHome iDM5, IOS and Android Tablets Dock. Accessory world seems to be more dynamic than the world of his own gadgets. If previous users have to buy a tablet like the iPad keyboard and audio dock in two separate units, not anymore. To facilitate our lives, bring iHome iHome IDM5 that combines some of the needs of the users Tablet PC in one short perangkat.Secara, iHome docking IDM5 is smart for the iPad and Android-based Tablet PC. Although somewhat less precise function, you can also use it with the iPhone and Android smartphones as well. Large size are able to load a full sized keyboard is about the size of an average laptop keyboard, a pair of speakers and a microphone to do voice chat via Skype or FaceTime. To design, reminding us a glimpse IDM5 on a conventional typewriter design. In order to produce maximum sound, the speaker comes with echo cancellation technology SoundClear Voice and Music 3D technology that is supported by features SRS TruBass for boosting the performance of voice output. In terms of connectivity, supported by IDM5 iHome Bluetooth connection can be connected to the Tablet PC Android or IOS devices such as iPad and iPhone. Besides the Bluetooth connection, iHome also includes a 2 port USB connection that can serve to recharge the batteries of your other gadgets. Keep in mind, you need a table to put it quite roomy. If you're interested in has docking that incorporates many features, iHome IDM5 can have a price of about $ 129.99. iHome iDM5, IOS and Android Tablets Dock

iHome iDM5, IOS and Android Tablets Dock 

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iHome iDM5

source: http://bit.ly/IpTT1C

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